NextHeat was created with the aim of changing the way we heat up.

We produce radiators, towel warmers, accessories and new design patents, exclusively in recycled aluminum, with particular attention to sustainability and reducing consumption.

We build the future of heating made of technological excellence, design and sustainability

Behind our projects there is the research and experience of a team of top-level professionals. It is a multidisciplinary work that involves designers, architects, planners, technicians who are experts in aluminum processing.

We are proud to present 100% Made in Italy products, which continue the renowned tradition of design and excellence projects of our Country, recognized, appreciated and sought after all over the world.

The packaging we have chosen is part of the NextHeat philosophy: we want to minimize waste and the impact of our production on the environment in every way.

The outside packaging of the radiators and accessories is made with 100% recycled cardboard, coming  from waste paper and totally recyclable.

The protective plastic is 100% bio-degradable: after 5 months of disposal it begins its gradual decomposition process that does not produce any waste.


The heating of the future is eco-sustainable

The heating of the future is the one that applies the most advanced technology where the respect for the environment goes hand in hand with energy savings and with the reduction of consumption and costs.

In our radiators and accessories, sustainability is linked both to the exclusive use of recycled extruded aluminum, an eco-friendly material of top excellence, and to the design of the products, designed to better optimize heating performance.


100% extruded aluminum, recycled and infinitely recyclable

All our radiators are made with recycled extruded aluminum.

Aluminum is the material of the future because it is 100% recyclable and infinitely. It drastically reduces heating times, water content, weight and dimensions and therefore perfectly reconciles environmental sustainability and energy saving.

The aluminum we use is totally recycled and, at the end of its life, it can be recovered again, in a circuit that does not generate waste.

All the aluminum in our collections is produced in Italy, since our Country is the third in the world for the amount of recycled aluminum, together with Germany, after the United States and Japan.

We always guarantee a perfect quality, which does not differ in any way from the products obtained from the original mineral: the fundamental and most important characteristics of aluminum remain unchanged over time and are not altered in any way by the re-use process.


The heating that gives character and uniqueness to your home

We like to think that everyone can surround themselves with beauty, every day, starting from their own home. For us, every environment must have personality and must reflect those who live it, in every detail.

NextHeat radiators are unique models, designed exclusively by our designers to obtain the best performance and to make the most of the characteristics of aluminum, adding elements of contemporary style to the furniture.

Reversible and "double face" radiators, models that develop in depth leaving more space for the walls or that fit inside furniture or other furnishing elements.

Each product of our collections is designed to combine functionality and aesthetics, always maximizing energy efficiency.